Dress Code for the Royal Wedding

Dress Code for the Royal Wedding

 A morning ceremony

Invitations for the royal wedding were mailed out last week, and loads more details about the impending nuptials are coming in, such as who will be attending the big event and what guests will be wearing! While rumors are swirling that wedding outfitter Bruce Oldfield will be designing Kate Middleton's gown, we now know for sure what attendees must wear to the Westminster Abbey wedding, as the dress code was printed on the invitations: "uniform, morning coat or lounge suit." Sounds stuffy and conventional, but this formal attire can actually be quite fun and even colorful. Check out some examples of each, plus info on the spectacular hats Middleton has requested!

 Queen Elizabeth II in "morning dress"
Typical "morning dress" is clothing that fits somewhere between ultra-formal and business wear. It is traditionally worn until 6 p.m., and for women, it usually includes a hat and, often, gloves. Mini-dresses are forbidden in this dress code and if pants are worn they must be accompanied by a coat. The Queen is well-known for this look—especially her bright coats and matching hats—as exhibited here. Her hands are covered and her blouse matches the flower atop her head. Nice attention to detail!
Middleton's take on morning dress
Kate Middleton wore this a blue printed coat and hat to a wedding in 2009.
Colorful morning dress
Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall (previously Parker Bowles) wears a traditional dress and coat with matching hat and gloves
Michelle Obama's morning dress
The first lady wore a lemongrass Isabel Toledo coat over a matching shift dress with green gloves to the inaugural events in 2009.
Morning coats
These are, by definition, single-breasted coats where the front is cut away, leaving “tails” in the back. They were originally designed to make it easier for the wearer to ride a horse.
Prince William wearing his morning coat to a wedding
What a handsome dude. We love Kate Middleton's outfit here as well, but it may be too casual for the occasion.

Morning coat and hat

Prince Charles has upped the ante on his formal attire with the addition of a top hat.

 Lounge suit
These suits typically consist of striped or checked pants, a waistcoat, and a formal shirt and tie. Oh, why hello, good sir!
The princes in lounge suits
Here Prince Harry (second from right) and his friends wear their lounge suits at a London wedding.
Prince Andrew is Commander in the Royal Navy and wore a naval uniform at his wedding to Sarah Ferguson. He will be attending Kate and Wills' wedding—and most likely wearing a uniform—but his ex-wife Fergie did not receive an invitation.


Awesome milliner Philip Treacy has been enlisted by Middleton to make custom hats for some of the guests, and possibly her veil. This is one of his creations on the bride-to-be.
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