+amazing weight loss stories

+amazing weight loss stories
+Amazing weight loss storiesDropping the extra pounds is never easy and requires hard work and perseverance. Rachel Oliver's recent amazing weight loss is just one of many incredible success stories.
Rachel Oliver
Elementary physical education teacher Rachel Oliver spent a year having her weight loss journey documented for a new television series, "Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition." Personal trainer Chris Powell led the 21-year-old in three workouts a day and rewarded her with a trip to Greece and a bungee-jumping excursion when she reached her weight loss goals.
Michael Hebranko
With the help of fitness guru Richard Simmons and his workout tapes, Michael Hebranko lost an astonishing amount of weight in just 19 months. Swimming and doing water aerobics helped him achieve his weight goal.
Manuel Uribe
Classed as morbidly obese at 1,320 pounds, Manuel Uribe was bedridden until 2001. Doctors, nutritionists and the Zone diet helped him lose a massive amount of weight.
Steve Vaught
Also known as "the Fat Man Walking," Steve Vaught walked from California to New York in his efforts to lose weight. Although critics claimed he got rides and didn't walk every mile, Vaught spoke positively about the experience, saying it helped him in his battle with a serious illness
David Smith
Once tipping the scales at 650 pounds, David Smith dropped hundreds of pounds through carb cycling and exercise. Nicknamed "the 650-pound virgin," Smith lost the weight with the help of trainer Chris Powell and is now a personal trainer himself.
Olivia Ward
Thirty-five-year-old opera singer Olivia Ward struggled with her weight most of her life, particularly following a large weight gain in college and a diagnosis with this hormonal disorder. She joined Season 11 of "The Biggest Loser" with her sister Hannah and won
Michael Ventrella
Michael Ventrella had tried every method he could think of to lose weight before entering and winning Season 9 of "The Biggest Loser."

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