Flood shark golf course

flood shark golf course

Flood shark golf course. Now that's what you call a water hazard! Flooding brings killer sharks to golf course. Teeing off has never been so dangerous. Although water hazards are a challenge for any golfer, on one Australian course the lake feature definitely has some bite.

At the 14th tee at the Carbrook Golf Club, Brisbane, a dozen man-eating bullsharks are waiting to swallow any lost balls and the sight of their fins poking through the water has even made the place a tourist attraction.

The sharks got onto the Queensland golf course when it flooded some years ago after a river broke its banks and became stranded when the water receded, but now they are thriving and even breeding.

'You can't believe how close you are…just six feet away,' club general manager Scott Wagstaff told Sky News.

'There's no drama, it's become a positive thing for the golf course. They are amazing. I've become a shark lover since working here.'

There are six bullsharks but the number looks set to rise

Although the lake is well stocked with fish, Mr Wagstaff sometimes throws in meat to encourage the sharks to come near the surface.

'I'm sure they are aggressive when you are in the water but when you are out here feeding them they are beautiful to watch,' he told Sky News.

The sharks have become renowned in the region and there is even a monthly tournament called the 'Shark Lake Challenge'.

Golfers are often seen pausing during games for a few minutes to see if they can spot the sharks before they head off to the next tee.

The sharks, which are between 8ft and 10ft long, have proved quite a hit at corporate events and their fins have even been spotted during wedding ceremonies held on the course.

Local children once jumped in the lake to retrieve lost golf balls for extra pocket money - but it is something they have not done for a while.


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