Lori David probation 5 years

Lori David probation 5 years, Mom banned from Internet, Mother banned from the internet after pleading guilty to 'sexting' 16-year-old son's classmate naked pictures of herself. A housewife has been banned from using the internet after sending a nude photo of herself to a 16-year-old boy.

Lori David, 38, was also told she cannot send text messages to anyone except family members after admitting 'sexting' her teen victim.

A judge in Texas decided on the web and text ban rather than send the mother to prison for solicitation of a minor.

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David had pleaded guilty to sending nude photos of herself to a classmate of her 16-year-old son she had met while volunteering at their high school school in Katy, Texas.

One photo showed her topless while in another she kneeled naked on a bed in what was described in court as a 'lewd' position.

Court documents revealed that David also knew the boy because she was a 'jogging buddy' of his mum.

The pair exchanged messages on Facebook before David sent the teen the two racy photos which were discovered by his parents.

David was arrested two weeks after sexting the teen in November of 2010.

The mother of two trembled and wept in court after pleading guilty to a single charge of solicitation of a minor.

She had faced up to ten years in jail but the judge sentenced her to five years probation with a stipulation that her internet access be restricted to work use.

David was also told she cannot send any text messages except to immediate family members and is not allowed to have any children at her home unless they are family.

Another condition imposed by the judge banned David from visiting her son's school except to attend her son's graduation.

She was also placed on the sex offenders register for 15 years and was told if she breaks any of the terms of the probation will be jailed.

'You know you have a problem,' the judge told David.

'I do not want you at that school for anything except your son’s graduation.'

David did not speak at the court hearing but her lawyer Michael Nassif read out a statement.

'Good people make bad decisions. I’m living my bad decision in front of you. Every action has a consequence and I’m taking responsibility for my actions,' Nassif said.

Prosecutor John Wakefield said after the case that the judge's conditions gave David a chance of a new life.

'The question in this case is, the victim is a 16-year-old, and she is a 38-year-old mom. So is prison the right call for her? Or give her a chance to prove she’s worthy of being back in society,' Wakefield said.

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