Royal Wedding Photos Pippa Middleton Prince Harry Youve Seen Before

Feeling frisky? Prince Harry gropes Pippa Middleton's behind in previously unseen pictures from the Royal Wedding

Royal Wedding Photos Pippa Middleton Prince Harry Youve Seen Before, Hands off Harry! Cheeky Prince gets to grips with bridesmaid Pippa in never-seen-before wedding snaps. Her shapely behind is one of the most memorable images from the Royal Wedding in April.

And in these previously unseen pictures of the party of the year, it looks as though Pippa Middleton's derrière gained another high profile fan during the festivities.

Prince Harry is pictured having a cheeky grope of the bridesmaid's bottom as the oblivious Royal couple stand next to them at the wedding reception.

Of course, the flirtatious pair seen here aren't actually Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton, but a spoof by renowned sartorial photographer Alison Jackson.

In another of Jackson's humorous shots, 'Pippa' is seen sneaking out of a bedroom the morning after, as 'Prince Harry' offers her his uniform jacket to cover up her modesty.

As imagined by Jackson, the pair spent the previous evening flirting, feeding each other wedding cake and dancing energetically on the dance floor.

Her royal hotness: 'Pippa' sneaks out of 'Prince Harry's' room in the early hours wearing his uniform

A possible romance between the bride and groom's siblings was the source of much speculation following the nuptials in April, after television audiences' excitement was piqued by Prince Harry and Miss Middleton's easy camaraderie as they walked down the aisle together, and later joked around on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

In these latest pictures, shot by Jackson especially for the release on Blu-ray Triple Play and DVD of hit comedy Bridesmaids, viewers could be forgiven for thinking the pair are the real deal.

'Pippa' is in fact 32-year-old Sarah Carrington, who began modelling as a Pippa-lookalike for Jackson last month.

Leaving so soon? The mischievous prince seems reluctant to let the bridesmaid leave after their night together

Speaking to the Mail on Sunday's Katie Nicholl at the time, Jackson said: ‘I’ve been looking for the perfect Pippa ever since she burst on to the scene.

‘She has been one of the hardest people for me to cast. But when I saw Sarah, I knew she was ideal and she has proved to be very successful in front of the camera even though this is all new to her.

'In certain angles she is Pippa’s absolute double. The hair and make-up are just perfect and she has Pippa’s shy smile down to a tee.’

Fancy a nibble? The pair flirt during the wedding reception, as imagined by sartorial photographer Alison Jackson

Finger food: 'Pippa' smiles seductively as she feeds the prince

Miss Carrington, a speech therapist, told the Mail: ‘My friends were all telling me that I looked like Pippa and lots of people texted me during the Royal Wedding to say they thought there was a startling resemblance but I could never see it.’

'During the summer I was shopping at Waitrose with my boyfriend and the woman at the checkout thought I was Pippa. That’s when my boyfriend decided to send a picture to the lookalike agency.

‘The first job I did was for Alison and it was great fun, if a little nerve-racking. It’s very different from my day job.

Moves like Jagger: 'Harry and Pippa' get down on the dance floor, next to the bride and groom

Boogie nights: The pair only have eyes for each other as they bust out some interesting dance moves

'I have told a few people at work what I was doing and they are all very pleased for me. The truth is I didn’t really pay much attention to Pippa or the Royals until now.

‘I knew who she was because I’d read about her in Tatler, but I never imagined being paid to look like her. It’s all a bit surreal.’

Bridesmaids is available now on Blu-ray Triple Play and DVD from Universal Pictures.

The morning after: The bridesmaid sneaks through halls of the palace with the Queen's corgis nipping at her feet

Royal romance? TV viewers speculated over the real Pippa and Harry flirting during the Royal Wedding festivities in April


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