Bull Escapes Meat Plant

Bull Escapes Meat Plant, Bull Meat Day Care Facility

(Not so) bully for you! Bull escapes meat plant… but bovine rampage is short-lived as it is shot to death in nearby field

A wayward bull managed to escape while en route to a meat processing plant, only to be shot dead by an animal control officer.

The bull broke free from a Maryland meat plant Thursday as it was being led off the truck and charged a bystander, and then careened toward a day-care centre.

A deputy short two rounds into the bull, which retreated into the nearby woods. He was then killed by a county animal control officer.

The short-lived freedom of the strong-willed bull started as the bull broke free as it was unloaded off of a truck from a farm in Mount Airy, Maryland, which is around 50 miles north of Washington, DC.

According to a sheriff’s report, the bull then charged a bystander and made off.

The deputies quickly ran after the bull, who was heading toward a childcare facility.

They found it in a field, where the ferocious bull then tried charging one of the officers, MSNBC reports.

‘Fearing for their safety, a deputy discharged two rounds from a shotgun, striking the bull, and causing him to retreat into a wooded area,’ the report stated.

The bull was then pursued by an animal control officer, who killed the bull with an additional two shots.

MSNBC reports that there were no human injuries - aside from the bull, the only loss was the taillight on the deputy’s car.

The bull had presumably slammed into it as he avoided capture.

It was given back to its owner, as it was doubtless no longer fit for human consumption.


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