Carla Bruni Botox

Carla Bruni Botox
Carla Bruni Botox, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy: The frozen woman?

The 44 year-old first lady of France and former model appears as though she’s been hitting the Botox needle and padding her face with fillers.

The Bruni-Sarkozy, who recently gave birth to daughter Giulia in October, appeared pale and a little too taut to onlookers.

She’s got reasons to be stressed.

Besides being a new mom, her husband, the French President Nicholas Sarkozy, came in second to Socialist Francois Hollande this past weekend but won enough votes to advance to a May 6 runoff election, according to figures released by the Interior Ministry.

In France, unemployment is at a 10 year high and the nation is concerned about immigration reform.

Bruni, who was born in Italy, had been lauded for her style of keeping her hair long and natural and wearing very little makeup in public.

“I don't go for heels, I never wear make-up,” she told the Guardian in 2007. “It only seems to enhance age.”

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