Good Samaritans

Good Samaritans, Several people are putting the “good” in Good Samaritan lately. A woman in New York claimed that actor Ryan Gosling saved her life earlier this week. Last month, a Florida woman helped rescue the child of an angry driver trapped in a burning car. Their stories as well as those of other every day heroes — and a few stars — help renew our faith in human kindness.
Ryan Gosling saves woman
Actor Ryan Gosling made headlines this week for saving a woman’s life. According to reports, a British journalist recounted the details of her rescue via Twitter: Being from London, she looked the wrong way for traffic and nearly got hit by a taxi – until Gosling stepped in. ryan gosling grabbed me away from taxi,
Eddie Cabral and Eric Velarde
The two college athletes were running on a track on March 1 when they spotted smoke and heard screams coming from a senior citizens complex. Eddie Cabral and Eric Velarde + save man from apartment fire,
Shamel Lawrence
This retired police officer was just killing time Feb. 23 in his New York neighborhood in the middle of the night (what was he doing?) when he heard a desperate call for help. He arrived at a burning home in time to help a trapped mother. Shamel Lawrence + Facebook around 3:30 a.m. Shamel Lawrence + caught kids dropped from window, Shamel Lawrence + unidentified maintenance worker,
Shawn Brown and Clifford Fose
A driver and her sister were hard at work trying to free her stuck car from the train tracks Feb. 23, when the rail guards descended and these two Samaritans sprung into action. Shawn Brown and Clifford Fose + pull woman from car,
Bobby Singh
Singh, a convenience store owner (find out where), noticed smoke pouring out of a neighboring home on Feb. 18. And, though he remains modest about his actions, the family hails him as a hero. Bobby Singh + warned two men inside + helped them escape,
Anthony Omari
A group of children in a remote African region were in jeopardy Jan. 23 when a group of machete-wielding thieves attacked their orphanage. Omari, whose mother runs the orphanage, was the only one there to protect them. Anthony Omari + machete to the face defending orphans, Reddit + more than $80,000 + Kenyan orphanage, Kenya orphanage + new locks + night guards + fortified fence,
Zoe Saldana
When not playing a Na’vi princess or an assassin, Saldana is a Good Samaritan. She witnessed a car accident Jan. 18 and stepped in to help. Zoe Saldana + helped injured woman from her car + called 911,
Steven Santiago
A drunken indie filmmaker stumbled Jan. 8 onto train tracks and Santiago noticed a train was approaching. Steven Santiago pulled filmmaker to safety, Jonathan Parisen charged with trespassing and endangerment,
JC Chasez
The former boy-band member and reality TV personality was sunning on New Year’s Day when a helicopter flew too close to shore, causing high winds and putting a baby directly in harm’s way. JC Chasez + grabbed umbrella + saved one-year-old,
Erik Felsted and Brian Rowser
These “Beehive State” residents — along with two other heroes — rose to the challenge Sept. 3, 2011, after a helicopter crashed in a rural field, trapping the pilot and a mother and teen. +Utah chopper crash heroes pulled three victims out, Red Cross + 2012 Adult Good Samaritan Heroes Award + helicopter heroes,
Kate Winslet
The British actress — best remembered for playing the role of Rose — was vacationing Aug. 22, 2011, on the private island of a billionaire pal (the magnate behind this business) when the mogul’s home caught fire. Kate Winslet + carried 90-year-old out of the house,
Hip-hop artist and reality starT.I. intervened in October 2010 when a suicidal man took to the ledge of a 22-story skyscraper threatening to jump. T.I. + recorded video of himself on a cell phone for jumper,

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