Saturday Night Live And Game Of Thrones Nudity

Saturday Night Live And Game Of Thrones Nudity, Last night on Saturday Night Live show they try to explain the excess nudity in the Game of Throne which became the great target of humor. Game of Throne is of HBO and it has become a rating sensation.

The success of the show is linked to its 2 creative consultants, author G. Martin, and A. Friedberg a 13-year-old boy.

The nudity in the show adds to the drama, but definitely seems to teeter on the edge of gratuitous, and the explanation as to why in the clip is hilarious.

Ironically, the show had enough footage of Thrones sex scenes to fill the entire sketch, and the timing was certainly perfect enough considering that HBO is airing a new episode on Sunday night.

Game Of Thrones pilot was the rampant raunchiness. Sure, there’s nudity, sex and naked wedding dances in the book.


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