30 Kids 11 Different Women

30 Kids 11 Different Women
30 Kids 11 Different Women, Dad 30 Kids Child Support, A man who has fathered 30 children by 11 different women is asking the courts to give him a break from paying child-support.

Desmond Hatchett, 33, of Knoxville, Tennessee, has reportedly set a Knox County record for the number of children he has managed to reproduce with individual women, including one who worked for Victoria’s Secret.

However, Hatchett is claiming to be a victim of his own success with the ladies, as he has become unable to make child-support payments and was back in court again this month asking for help.

Only bringing in a minimum wage salary, Hatchett legally has half of his pay check taken from him by the state every month which is divided among his 30 children.

In theory, Hatchett’s obligations to his children would have him paying anywhere from $25 to $309 to the mothers of his enormous brood.
In reality, after half his pay is deducted, the virile dad is only able to provide the mother’s of his children the paltry sum of $1.49 a month.

The child support payments are based in part on the ages and needs of the children that Hatchett has produced and the 33-year-old’s oldest child is 14-years-old.

Desmond explained to Fox2Now.com how it all snowballed out of control financially for him: ‘I had four kids in the same year. Twice.’

Asked in a TV interview whether he can ‘keep up with it all’, the 33-year-old said he knows all their names, ages and birth dates.

In 2009 when he first appeared in court on charges that most of the mothers were not receiving child support, he had 21 children.

At the time, he said he was not going to father any more kids, but he ended up having nine more in the past three years.

He said: ‘I didn’t intend to have this many, it just happened.’

When asked about the state of affairs with Hatchett, the Knox County child support clerk’s office assumed a resigned air.

‘Yes, we’ve got several cases with Mr. Hatchett,’ said Melissa Gibson, assistant supervisor with the Knox County court to the LA Times.

When asked if the court would appreciate Hatchett to stop his sperm donations across the county, Gibson expressed a tongue in cheek response.

‘If there’s something out there like that, I’m unaware of it,’ said Gibson.

‘It definitely needs to be.’

Confirming that Hatchett is believed to be the Knox County record holder for fathering the most children, Gibson said that he might be a record holder in many different states let alone Tennessee.

Not able to provide specifics on the details of Hatchett’s case, Gibson did confirm that the youngest child is a toddler and the oldest is 14.

Listed on a court door, the 11 women who are seeking child-support payments from Hatchett all live within the Knoxville city area.

One woman, Zenobia Alexander, who calls Detroit, Michigan her home town, used to work for Victoria’s Secret as a sales associate and says on her Facebook page that she has three children, but is single.

Calling herself ‘outspoken’, Alexander states that: ‘I just want to live life and raise my children the right way.’

Another of the women listed, Kayla Reed, is 21-years-old and has a four-year-old girl and again, lists herself as single.

One woman, Delishia Brown has two children, although it is not known which of the children are Hatchett’s and on her Facebook page she says that she has been in a relationship since June 25 2008.

The state cannot order Hatchett to stop making babies. He hasn’t broken any laws, according to the report. He has, however, set a Knox County record for his ability to produce.

Keith Pope, Hatchett’s attorney in 2009 told WVLT in Tennessee: ‘You look at when they filed, how many children they have – he has several mothers that he has two children with. And, it’s tough.’

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