David Beckham $100 Tab Added a Zero to the Total $900 Tip

David Beckham + $100 tab + added a zero to the total + $900 tip, David Beckham $500 tip Madeo, David Beckham & Kiss Cam—David Beckham – At Joxer Daily’s Pub with some teammates from the LA Galaxy, they racked up a $100 tab, but this man shared the wealth by adding a zero to the check making it a $900 tip.
It’s not customary to tip 1000 900 percent for exception service. (God, I hope not.) But an ex-bartender shared her story with DEROBER about one heck of a tip left by some soccer player named David Beckham.

Last November Beckham and his teammates went to a bar in Culver City, California after the LA Galaxy played a charity game against Hollywood United F.C. to benefit the wildfire victims and then came time to pay the $100 check.

“When I gave them their tab, David snatched it away from his mates. They argued with him a bit but he just looked at them and told them to hush up.

I know your website likes tipping stories so you’ll love this: The tab was about $100 and Becks had just added a zero to $1,000! – A $900 tip! I had to ask him if it was correct. He just said, “It is.

Is Giggs still your favorite player?” “Not anymore!” On a day where the Galaxy played for charity, David really meant it! I know it’s not a windfall of cash but the tidy sum helped me fix my ailing car and get a cavity filled so it meant a lot to me. What a magical evening! Thank you, David!”

He could be entirely magnanimous. (He can afford to be.) He might’ve just rented Brewster’s Millions. The decimal point on the receipt might’ve been faded.

Then again, he might also struggle with basic math. Or perhaps still hasn’t figured out the pounds-to-dollars conversion. Or maybe he just didn’t want his wife spending it on some bad dress.

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