Five Child Endangerment Animal Cruelty

Five Child Endangerment Animal Cruelty, Baby Feces-Filled Room 58 Dogs, Baby boy 58 dogs home---The authorities arrested five people from Parker County property, including the child’s mother, grandmother, grandfather, and two uncles, who all face either child endangerment and/or animal cruelty charges.

Over the weekend, investigators found a 1-year-old baby boy in a crib surrounded by animal feces, which was alarmingly unhealthy. Five family members were arrested after authorities found a 1-year-old baby boy and 58 dogs living in filthy conditions without food and water inside a Texas home and police said that some of the dogs were malnourished and injured. Police ending up finding 58 dogs living in filthy conditions, with 31 of them living in stacked crates without adequate food or water.

Another 27 were loose outside. Teresa’s 1-year-old grandson was found in a crib in the home. Two of the dogs were euthanized and another five puppies died shortly after the raid, said a report from the sheriff’s office.

The owner of the home was arrested Thursday on an outstanding warrant for allegedly writing a bad check. However, Teresa Weldon also faces possible child endangerment and animal cruelty charges.

They said the property was strewn with filth and dog feces and that many of the animals lived in stacked crates without adequate food and water.

The situation was Wednesday at a house the grandmother owned near Springtown, almost 30 miles northwest of Fort Worth.

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