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Facebook scams - Crazy Facebook scams, NASA Doomsday + Facebook scam, Facebook fraudsters have gone to great lengths to trick unwitting social network users — from a Chicken Little scam to a recent roller-coaster ruse. Roller coaster accident + Facebook scam, We scanned news feeds for some of the most creative cons. Roller coaster accident + Facebook scam,
'NASA warns be prepared' scam
In April, NASA warns be prepared + Facebook scam, scammers fed into Doomsday hysteria with the promise of an exclusive leaked NASA video that proved the end was nigh. The bait was a link that read "2012 Doomsday Confirmed: NASA warns be prepared!!" and offered viewers proof if they filled out a personal survey. NASA warns be prepared + Facebook scam, nasa facebook scam gift card, Phishing + malware attacks,
'Roller-coaster accident in California' scam
facebook scam rollercoaster, According to this line of scams — the latest of which was revived in February — fans of gore could view tragic coaster crash videos after clicking a link. Of course, there weren't any actual videos. Rollercoaster accident + sign up for premium mobile phone service, Rollercoaster accident scam + buy some pills,
'Police officer does good deed before he dies' scam
Police officer does good deed before he dies scam, The story goes that a good-guy cop was tragically killed moments after doing a good deed and the link — which circulated in February — would lead you to the amazing footage with the help of a site that looks authentic. Police officer does good deed scam + rogue browser plugin, Facebook scam victims + run a complete system scan, remove scam message + click small “X” in the top right hand corner of the post,
Justin Bieber hidden camera video scam
In February, Bieber bedroom video scam + online survey, accidentally filmed boudoir footage of the pop star and his girlfriend was the enticement in this scam. But beware of that "Oops!!!" opening line. Justin Bieber hidden camera video scam, Bieber bedroom video scam + online survey, Nicki Minaj video + Facebook scam, Bieber stabbed by crazy fan + Facebook scam, Bieber naked video Pinterest scam,
Sick baby photos scam
In February, Sick baby photos Facebook scam, a group of anti-scam watchdogs made waves (see how) in their fight against a slew of scams featuring photos of fatally ill kids. The fake wall posts swindle sympathetic FB users for their monetary donations. petition facebook baby charity scam, 325 baby scams on Facebook, sick baby scam + shared up to 600,000 times, Facebook removes 26 sick baby scams,
'RIP, Whitney Houston' scam
RIP Whitney Houston videos Facebook scams, scam + web page offering different Whitney Houston wallpapers, Following the announcement of Whitney Houston's sudden passing on February 11, mourning fans were susceptible to a scam that lured them with the promise of a tear-jerking memorial video. scam + web page offering different Whitney Houston wallpapers, Whitney Houston scam + survey site that asks for your cellphone number, RIP Amy Winehouse scam,
'Remove Facebook timeline' scam
Many Facebook users railed against the site's new page setup (see it here) in January, and scammers seized on their frustrations by offering a faux removal strategy. remove timeline facebook scam, Remove timeline scam + likejacking, 16 Timeline-related scams,
'Win two free Southwest tickets' scam
Unsuspecting social networkers eager for a vacation had their hopes dashed in November 2011 when a faux free airline ticket giveaway never panned out. The contest never existed; it was just a way for scammers to collect your info. Win 2 free Southwest tickets scam, Jet Blue ticket giveaway scam,
'Switch to pink Facebook page' scam
Switch to pink Facebook page scam, Facebook users who wanted to add a bit more punch to their page may have fallen for the scam circulating in January. A wall post link promised a change from the typical blue profile outline. pink Facebook scam + Xbox 360 + Samsung Galaxy Android Tablet, Switch to pink Facebook + survey scam,
Eat at McDonald's for free scam
Junk food junkies were the main targets of this January survey scam that offered Mickey D's vouchers. Eat at McDonald's for FREE scam, Facebook HTML/ScrInject.B.Gen virus, Subway gift card Facebook scam,
'Free iPads in memory of Steve Jobs' scam
When the Apple co-founder died in October 2011, opportunists took advantage of the sad news and promised free iPads. Free iPads in memory of Steve Jobs scam, Steve Jobs Facebook scam + scammers earning affiliate cash, Aaron Sorkin + Steve Jobs biopic,
'Lady Gaga Is Dead' scam
In September, Lady Gaga is Dead + Facebook scam, Facebook posts began to spread word that Lady Gaga was found dead in a hotel room. The posts claimed to link to a reputable news source (which one?) and prompted viewers to "like" the link, which was really a dead end. BBC News + Lady Gaga scam, Facebook scammers + commission for clicks, Facebook scam + Lady Gaga is a man, Charlie Sheen is dead scam,
'The Sister' scam
Fake sister Facebook scam, He informed me I need to Western Union $2,000 to acquire the grant, After chatting with her sister on Facebook, 58-year-old Edythe Schumacher was convinced to apply for a shoo-in government grant that would pay big dividends. The problem? The message wasn't from her sister at all. Edythe Schumacher + lost $2,000, He informed me I need to Western Union $2,000 to acquire the grant , advance-fee loan scam,
'Spider Under the Skin' scam
Fans of gross-out footage were tempted to click on a Facebook link with OMG -style video of a massive spider growing under a woman's skin. Spider Under the Skin scam, Facebook spider scam + message shared with all your friends, delete likejacking posts from your News Feed, origin of spiders growing under skin myth, Wheelchair Down The Elevator Shaft Scam,
'Olive Garden Photo Tagging' scam
Facebook Olive Garden scam, Olive Garden hackers + “allow” them access to your Facebook page, Hackers created photo albums of Olive Garden entrĂ©es and tagged the photos with the names of Facebook users' actual friends, enticing users to join them for a free Italian meal. Olive Garden hackers + “allow” them access to your Facebook page, Twilight: Breaking Dawn Game photo Facebook scam, beware third-party Facebook applications,
'Tsunami Whale' scam
Tsunami Whale scam, Taking advantage of the world's fixation on the March 2011 tsunami that hit Japan, scammers promised video footage of a wave slamming a whale into the side of a building. 2011 Japan tsunami, Tsunami Whale + likejacking scam, FbVideo + YoTube + scams,
'War Hero' scam
A New Yorker, Facebook war hero scam, going by the name "Dylan Sorvino," wooed women across the country using the photo of a fallen U.S. Army Ranger in place of his own image. U.S. Army Ranger Sgt. Roberto Sanchez, Dylan Sorvino + no financial losses resulted from the fraud, Dylan Sorvino + removed Facebook profile,
'Ikea Gift Card' scam
In early 2010, Facebook Ikea scam, Facebook members around the world signed up to win a $1,000 Ikea gift card being publicized on the site. They traded personal information for a chance at a sweepstakes that never was. Ikea gift card scam + nearly 40,000 victims, Whole Foods gift card scam, Facebook scams + identity theft,

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