Famous Facial Hair

Famous Facial Hair - Distinctive features separate the unique from the ordinary. While birthmarks, eclectic fashion and body art often are enough to stand out, some need to let things become a little, or a lot, hairier to stand out in the crowd. See if you can guess the famous faces behind these beards, mustaches and all things weird in between.

A celebrity chef Guy Fieri
The clues: He is a restaurateur and Food Network star known for touring America's best "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives." Diner's drive-ins and dives,

A comedic actor Charlie Chaplin
The clues: The popular English actor during the silent film era used mime and visual comedy in his act and was voted in the top 10 on the American Film Institute's list of greatest male screen legends.

A Western movie actor Sam Elliott
The clues: The gritty actor and his trademark deep voice can be seen in "Tombstone" and heard as the new voice of a famous forest fire prevention mascot.

An English naturalist Charles Darwin
The clues: Political economist the Reverend Thomas Malthus inspired this naturalist to conceptualize evolutionary adaptation through natural selection. On the Origin of Species, Rev. Thomas Malthus

A famous physicist Albert Einstein
The clues: Regarded by most as the father of modern physics, the 1921 Nobel Prize winner in physics is best known for creating the world's most famous equation. winner 1921 nobel prize physics, E = mc2

A Milwaukee Buck player Drew Gooden
The clues: The half-Finnish half-African-American power forward has played for nine teams in his nine-year NBA career. NBA power forwards

A prominent abolitionist Frederick Douglass
The clues: After being born into and later escaping slavery, he made it his life's mission to fight for freedom and human rights. He served as an adviser to a U.S. president during the Civil War.

A retired MLB player Rollie Fingers
The clues: The Hall of Famer and former relief pitcher for the Athletics, Padres and Brewers was the 1974 World Series MVP.

A Spanish painter Salvador Dali
The clues: The Spanish surrealist painter's flamboyant fashion and eccentric public behavior at times garnered more attention than his artwork.He often lent his expertise to the film industry, collaborating with Alfred Hitchcock, Walt Disney and many others.

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