Christy Turlington's Daughter And Intimate Shoot

Christy Turlington's Daughter And Intimate Shoot - She was the face of the Nineties with catwalk queens Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford.

But now it seems Christy Turlington is ready to pass on the baton to her daughter Grace.

The 43-year-old has introduced her eight-year-old in a series of intimate snapshots, showing the world that her mini-me has inherited the Calvin Klein model's good genes.

In one image, Christy gently touches Grace's nose as her eldest child tilts her head back in glee.

In another picture, this time black and white, the mother-of-two is seen affectionately hugging her daughter from behind, as Grace breaks into a smile while being held in the grasp.

Christy also has six-year-old Finn with her husband of nine years, actor/director/writer Edward Burns.

The Californian native, born in Walnut Creek, shows off her maternal side in the DuJour shoot as she poses with students from the Stony Hill Stables, having grown up learning to ride herself.

She is seen surrounded by a group of girls, including Grace, as they all gaze adoringly at her while she is dressed in a T-shirt with the wholesome slogan 'Every Mother Counts'.

Of course, with a background posing in underwear, Christy also flashes a little skin in a solo shot.

She is seen leaning against the ropes of a swing, wearing a large navy woolen shrug that has been strategically placed upon her body to reveal her incredibly trim and sunkissed legs.

Every summer, the family migrate to New York City (with Boston terriers Fitzy and Mickey in tow) with the reason behind the stables shoot due to the lease of pony Blackbird for Grace during their stay.

Christy herself grew up riding western style and was actually discovered aged 13 while atop a pony.

During the interview, Christy speaks of her terrifying experience with childbirth, which posed risks of fatality, and led her to start campaigning.

The magazine goes into detail, explaining that her placenta had grown into the uterus wall, meaning she couldn’t pass the afterbirth.

This obviously needed removing, yet this led to what is known as 'postpartum hemorrhaging', a complication that could have killed Christy.

After discovering postpartum hemorrhaging (PPH) is the leading cause of pregnancy-related deaths in the world, she decided to make 2010 documentary No Woman, No Cry - which follows the journey to birth of four pregnant women in Tanzania, Bangladesh, Guatemala and the U.S.

Bravely, Turlington opens with footage of her own experiences, caught on film by husband Ed.

Christy is well aware that critics might point the finger of why she needed to feature in the film, yet she believes her personal story is relevant.

She revealed: 'I thought some people might perceive it as, "Oh, what’s a model doing in this?"

'But hopefully that falls away. I’m just like any of the other women in terms of giving birth - you’re always vulnerable in that state, and you always need support.'

She has since launched the advocacy organisation Every Mother Counts (EMC) with the goal of 'reducing, or eliminating entirely, preventable deaths associated with pregnancy and birth'.

DuJour, French for 'of the day', is a quarterly lifestyle publication said to be 'for the highly affluent, chronicling the vibrant worlds of the wealthiest and most inspiring'.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2191754/Christy-Turlington-introduces-daughter-Grace-intimate-shoot.html#ixzz24Nb6PtPv


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