Amy Adams and Clint Eastwood

Amy Adams and Clint Eastwood - Amy Adams had to "get over" wanting to "please" Clint Eastwood all the time on the set of their new movie.

The actress stars in Trouble with the Curve alongside Justin Timberlake and Clint - who also directed the drama.

Amy plays Clint's on-screen daughter and had to put her feelings of admiration aside when she walked onto the film set.

"Yeah, it's completely intimidating. I definitely wanted to please him, but I had to get over that as I was playing his daughter who is not impressed with him at all," she laughed to Access Hollywood. "I had to shake that to convincingly play someone who was at odds.

"I had to hide [the admiration] typically. It's hard for me to turn on and off. If I'm thinking too much about what he's thinking, or trying to impress him, I won't be able to do a scene where I'm trying to communicate honestly."

Amy also got on famously with Justin - who plays Johnny Flanagan in the film. The stunning star says the singer-turned-actor knew how to make her feel comfortable.

"Justin's fantastic. He's so easy to work with. I can be very uptight when I'm acting, like I can feel very tense, but I just felt so relaxed and it felt so easy," she gushed.

"He has such an ease about him."


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