Body Of Mom Found In Trunk

Body Of Mom Found In Trunk

Body Of Mom Found In Trunk, A mother has been found shot dead in the trunk of her car four days after her baby was abandoned in an apartment building.

The body of Ebony Jackson, 30, was discovered on Tuesday morning in her 2004 Mitsubishi Galant.

Police tracked the car to a quiet street in Breckenridge Hills, Missouri using the GPS system. The vehicle had been parked in front of a condemned building and was later towed to be scoured for evidence of her killer.

An autopsy today revealed that Miss Jackson had suffered a single, fatal gunshot wound behind her ear.

Police were sifting through her phone records for clues as to what happened to the young mother.

Her three-month-old baby boy Donavon Prom had been found in his car seat on January 4 in the hallway of an apartment building in St Louis, around 16 miles from where his mother's body was later found.

The baby was discovered with his bottle and in good health. He is currently in the care of the state.
MailOnline was awaiting a response from the St Louis Police Department.

It had originally been suspected that Miss Jackson had abandoned her baby.

Relatives told the St Louis Dispatch that she had traveled to Missouri from her native Oklahoma on January 2 to visit relatives after leaving boyfriend Craig Prom a note saying she needed space.

Mr Prom came from Oklahoma to retrieve the child where he was ordered to undergo a paternity test. The results are pending.
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