Taylor Swift And Reba Mcentire Are Cousins

Taylor Swift And Reba Mcentire Are Cousins, Taylor Swift really is country royalty, turns out she’s cousins with Reba McEntire, Willie Nelson, Garth Brooks, and Loretta Lynn

As I mentioned earlier today, genealogy is one of my favorite past times….following genealogy charts, however, is not.

I love the history, the stories behind the names, knowing that I have ancestors that I can trace to pre 1400s. Genealogy charts, however, might as well be written in ancient Greek because it’s about that difficult for me to follow them sometimes.

This person was related to this person who married this person and she was married to this person’s uncle who was this person’s cousin twice removed. Ugh, it makes my head hurt.

Anyway, it seems if you follow anyone’s family tree back far enough, they’re going to be related to someone else they know and it seems famous country stars are no different.

The genealogy website Geni.com has put together a few handy little family charts that show that Taylor Swift is a 15th cousin once removed to Reba McEntire, a 9th cousin once removed to Willie Nelson, Garth Brooks’ 12th cousin once removed, and Loretta Lynn’s 14th cousin.

The crazy thing is she’s related to everyone via her father’s side.

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