Ann Curry 'tortured'

Ann Curry was left embarrassed when she was ousted as the co-host of Today Show, but according to new revelations, that was only the final chapter in a long and humiliating behind-the-scenes campaign against her.

A recent New York Times Magazine piece about the Today Show debacle claims that Curry felt that her final months before her departure were a form of 'professional torture.'

Describing it as a hostile 'boys' club atmosphere' on the set of the show, Curry complained to friends that many of her male co-workers would often be intentionally mean to her.
At one point, the Times reports that Today Executive Producer Jim Bell had a blooper reel made poking fun at Curry's most egregious on-air mistakes.

On a separate occasion, Bell called staffers into his office to make fun of a gaffe Curry made. Bell, however, has denied both incidents.

In yet another slight against her, a box of Curry's belongings were shoved by someone into a coat closet as if she had already been ousted.

According to an unnamed Today Show employee, staffers working in the control room would routinely poke fun at Curry's fashion choices and generally make her the butt of their jokes.

In one instance, Curry wore a bright yellow dress, which drew comparisons from her critics on staff to the Big Bird.

Taking the joke to the next level, some staffers, the majority of whom are men, Photoshopped a picture of the Sesame Street character next to Curry and asked co-workers to vote on 'Who wore it best?'

What ended with Curry relinquishing her post as a co-host of Today in a tearful and awkward farewell show last June reportedly started months earlier in what Bell secretly dubbed 'Operation Bambi' meant to force Curry out, the Times reported.

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