Jeremy Irons Gay Remarks

Jeremy Irons Gay Remarks, Stephen Colbert couldn't help but have some fun at the expense of an interview that Jeremy Irons gave to HuffPost Live, in which the Oscar winner said that his hesitation on gay marriage was that it could lead to father-son marriage.

After rolling the clip, Colbert took his statement to its logical conclusion: "So, if gay marriage is legalized in England, Jeremy Irons' son Max: Get ready to make your father the happiest man alive."

Colbert also found Irons' comparison of marriage to a relationship with a pet ("Living with another animal, whether it be a husband or a dog, is great") to be eyebrow-raising.

"See? He's cool with whatever. A sexless marriage with a wife, a sex-filled marriage with a dog," Colbert said.

But since Irons emphasized at the beginning and end of his statements that he does not have a strong opinion on gay marriage one way or the other, Colbert mocked this loophole by adopting a British accent and going on an Irons-esque rant comparing illegal immigrants with livestock and bashing equal pay for women, under the guise of noncommittal feelings on the subjects.

"Please don't stop talking about the issues," Colbert said. "Or do, I don't have strong feelings either way."

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