Rent Is Too Damn High: Candidate Joins New York Mayoral Race With “Rent Is Too Damn High” Hip-Hop Music Video

Rent Is Too Damn High: Candidate Joins New York Mayoral Race With “Rent Is Too Damn High” Hip-Hop Music Video, I've got five words for ya: "Rent is too damn high!" Thanks to Jimmy McMillan, a political activist, and his campaign in 2010 for governor of the state of New York, that trademark phrase has stuck in the minds of voters across the country, not just those in New York.

McMillan, a Vietnam War veteran and formal postal worker, has been running for various political offices since at least 2006, and his feelings on rent prices, poverty, the national deficit, unemployment and various other hot-button issues have not changed much.

With the New York mayoral race kicking off, McMillan has once again tossed his hat into the ring. In collaboration with the blog Animal New York, McMillan released a hip-hop video announcing his candidacy. The video, "Jimmy McMillan 'Rent Is Too Damn High' Anthem," is being shared all over social media, and it already has more than 50,000 views on YouTube.

Several people have left humorous comments about the video. One person wrote, "New York had a cross-dressing mayor. Maybe it's time for a mayor who can rap." Another joked, "McMillan is going to use his sweet karate moves on landlords who refuse to lower the rent."

In one segment of the video, McMillan talks specifics. He points out that besides the rent being "too damn high," wages and education are "too damn low."

While people are enjoying the message in McMillan's colorful video, there's no barometer to measure how or if that will translate to votes and getting him elected. If past numbers are any indication, his chances might be too damn low. But who knows, maybe this music video is just the ticket and will earn him a term as mayor. And even if it doesn't, there's no doubt that McMillan may be one of the most entertaining candidates to have ever entered the race.

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