87-Year-Old Accusing Trump

87-Year-Old Accusing Trump, An 87-year-old woman who is suing Donald Trump testified Monday morning that she’s doing so because “somebody had to stand up to him.”

Taking the stand for the second day, Jackie Goldberg told a federal civil trial jury that she “felt like I’ve been conned” by Trump when she bought two hotel condo units in the downtown Trump Tower in 2006.

Goldberg alleges Trump’s salesmen promised her a cut of the Trump International Hotel’s ballroom and valet parking business if she bought the condos, only for Trump to snatch back those profits for himself once Goldberg had signed a contract and paid a $500,000 deposit.

Under questioning from her attorney, Shelly Kulwin, she said she would not have bought the units if Trump’s organization had told her it planned to seize back control of the ballroom and parking businesses.

She said her battle with Trump made her “angry” and that Trump’s wealth and reputation made her think twice before taking him on in court.

Though Goldberg began her testimony confidently on Friday afternoon, showing a remarkable memory for detail that Trump himself could not match during his testimony, she stumbled a couple of times under cross-examination from Trump’s attorney, Stephen Novack, on Monday morning.

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