Beach Bodies of Celebrities over 50

Beach Bodies of Celebrities over 50 - Swimsuit season is upon us! It’s time for young Hollywood hunks and bikini-clad starlets to hit the beach and make plenty of tabloid buzz. But these over-50 stars aren’t about to be overshadowed. See which middle-aged and senior stars still have physiques that can stun in the sun.

Bruce Springsteen’s beach body 
The Boss, 63, has never slowed down long enough to fall out of shape. Look, he’s even on tour right now. The "Born to Run" rocker reportedly lifts weights, hits the treadmill and doesn’t mess with meat. Mostly vegetarian diet

Demi Moore's beach body 
The former Brat Pack member has had a turbulent personal life in recent years — from relationship [Demi Moore To Divorce Ashton Kutcher] woes to rehab. Through all that strife, she still looks about half her 50 years. Here’s one way she keeps it together. Yoga

Dennis Quaid’s beach body 
Don’t let all those "Dad" roles fool you; this 59-year-old can easily give Hollywood’s young bucks a run for their money. In fact, he picked up some great fitness tips [Dennis Quaid surfing and paddleboarding] while playing the role of a film father.

Helen Mirren’s beach body 
This 67-year-old British actress, who has played everything from a queen to a killer, has been known to show a whole lot more than range at the beach. And admirers have taken notice Helen Mirren Body Of The Year LA Fitness. She says her secret is eating right. Helen Mirren I'm always on a diet!

Jon Bon Jovi’s beach body 
At 51, this veteran rocker (his real name John Francis Bongiovi, Jr.) is living on more than just a prayer; here’s how he maintains his physique, yoga. Jon Bon Jovi Overdose Protection Act

Julianne Moore’s beach body 
If you saw Moore’s turn as a clothing-free spokes model a few years back, it’ll come as no surprise that she made this list. The 52-year-old actress reportedly runs and hits the mat in order to stay in shape Ashtanga yoga.

Kevin Bacon's beach body 
The star of prime-time thriller "The Following" has cut a fine figure ever since his "Footloose" days. The 54-year-old and his actress wife get fit together with this on-trend workout Soul Cycle.

Kim Cattrall’s beach body 
The raciest cast member of "Sex and The City" reportedly keeps signs of aging at bay by minimizing stress, taking long walks and watching what she eats Kim Cattrall diet since 1974. The 56-year-old may be playing an aging starlet on stage, but she seems ageless off stage. Kim Cattrall Sweet Bird Of Youth

Pierce Brosnan’s beach body 

Brosnan,James Bond, 59, may have passed the 007 torch, but he still looks every bit the international man of mystery, thanks in part to a beachside workout Pierce Brosnan paddle board. He’s currently making ladies swoon in a new rom-com.

Seal Samuel’s beach body 
Though paparazzi are more likely to snap seaside pics of the singer’s ex Heidi Klum, the 50-year-old reality TV coach is a sight to behold in his own right.

Sean Penn’s beach body 

These days, the "Gangster Squad" actor may spend more time focusing on philanthropy than on fitness. But at 52, he's still as tight and toned as some of his younger co-stars. Sean Penn J/P Haitian Relief Organization

Sheryl Crow’s beach body 

This 51-year-old singer is a mother now [Sheryl Crow adopted sons], but you won’t catch her in mom jeans. She once stayed svelte by running and using this P90X infomercial workout. But with her new role came a new regimen. Sheryl Crow I'm just totally buff from lifting my kids.

William H. Macy’s beach bod 

Macy is best known for playing a schlub on cable TV Shameless and a pushover on the big screen Fargo. Fans would hardly guess that the 63-year-old could just as easily play an action star.

Tom Cruise’s beach body 

With a non-stop action-flick career, it’s no wonder Cruise, 50, stays in amazing shape. Hopping on a bike SoulCycle probably helps, too. Tom Cruise just signed up for more action Mission Impossible 5


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