Don Walling and Gina Pellicani Wedding

Don Walling and Gina Pellicani Wedding, I have a soft spot for marriage proposals. I like that it signifies a new beginning, the start of a new family, and is all about love. I adore hearing about proposals, no matter how hokey they may be. I also enjoy a good laugh, so when I hear something about a proposal that hits a snag I have to find out more.

Such is the case with Don Walling and his now fiancee, Gina Pellicani. The couple have been dating for four years and Walling decided it was time to take things to the next level: marriage. He invited Pellicani, along with some family, to dinner last week to celebrate what everyone assumed was Walling’s birthday. After dinner he invited everyone to take a stroll along the Brooklyn Bridge. Everything was going according to plan – until they got onto the bridge.

During the walk, Walling dropped to one knee and opened the engagement ring box to propose to Pellicani. The ring wasn’t contained in the box securely and when the box opened, the ring tumbled out and over the bridge onto the roadway below the pedestrian walkway the couple was on.

What happened next is pure comedy. Instead of walking off the walkway to get the ring, Walling immediately began climbing down the tower, triggering a suicide alert and creating a scene as drivers tried to honk and prevent Walling from jumping. The police arrived and Walling then had to explain he wasn’t crazy or interested in suicide – he just wanted his ring back so he could propose. Pellicani and her family were laughing and naturally someone was filming the entire incident. The police quickly realized that Walling was crazy in love and stopped traffic so he could safely retrieve the ring. A car did run over it and damaged the band, but the one carat solitaire and surrounding stones were unharmed.

The happy couple are now officially engaged and plan to be married soon.

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