Dying man blinks lead to verdict

Dying man blinks lead to verdict, A U.S. man was found guilty of murder Thursday after his paralyzed victim identified him by blinking during a police interview.

The defense had tried to block a police video of the interview, saying David Chandler’s blinking was inconsistent and unreliable. A jury convicted Ricardo Woods, 35, of murder and felonious assault.

Police interviewed the 35-year-old Chandler after he was shot in the head and neck in October 2010. He was paralyzed and hooked up to a ventilator and was only able to communicate with his eyes. He died about two weeks later.

Prosecutors say Chandler blinked three times for “yes” to identify a photo of Woods as his shooter. The defense had argued that showing Chandler only one photo — that of Woods — instead of presenting a lineup of photos was “suggestive.”

Defense attorney Kory Jackson said Thursday there will be an appeal. Jackson had argued that Chandler’s condition and the drugs used to treat him could have affected his ability to understand and respond during the police interview.

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