Tsarnaev 2011 murders

Tsarnaev 2011 murders, Investigators are taking a very hard look at alleged Boston Marathon bombing mastermind Tamerlan Tsarnaev in an unsolved 2011 triple murder case.

FOX 25's Bob Ward received new information Friday about the position of the bodies when they were found, but his sources say they still cannot rule Tamerlan in and they can't rule him out as a suspect.

The murder happened on the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks. Three men were found murdered inside an apartment at 12 Harding Street in Waltham.

Tsarnaev was close friends with one victim, Brendan Mess. According to sources, Tamerlan's cell phone was used near the murder scene on the day of the triple homicide and his fingerprints were found inside the apartment. Ward is told, however, this evidence does not place him at the crime scene.

The 26-year-old was close friends with Mess and Ward is told it would not be unusual that they spoke that day or that Tsarnaev's fingerprints were inside the apartment since he was a visitor there in the past.

Two of the murder victims were discovered together with their throats slashed. Mess' body was found on the floor away from the other two victims. Investigators believe Mess may have been killed in a life and death struggle with the killer or his body may have been moved after his death.

High-grade marijuana was found sprinkled on the bodies of the two victims whose throats were slashed. Thousands of dollars in cash was found in the apartment.

One source, with direct knowledge of the case, believes the appearance of the bodies at the crime scene was meant to send a message.

There are many theories about this case. Authorities are trying to determine if Tsarnaev was involved in moving drugs. They are trying to determine if he owed anyone money or if anyone owed him money.

As of Friday, Ward was told there is no evidence Tsarnaev was a drug dealer. At this stage, theories are still being looked into and there are no definitive answers.

DNA might provide those answers, but there are no results yet. Tsarnaev did not attend his friend's funeral and Ward has been told he became withdrawn after the murders. A source tells Ward that could be explained by Tsarnaev's growing radicalism. At the time, the 26-year-old was withdrawing from most things in his life.

While Tsarnaev remains an intriguing possibility, there is still no firm evidence linking him to this brutal unsolved set of murders.

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