Weirdest News Stories of 2013

Weirdest News Stories of 2013, Just a few months in to 2013, and we already have a whole host of bizarre (like this Man gets Netflix tattoo) and off-the-wall (Charges against flower-eating goat dropped) news stories. Makes you wonder what the rest of the year has in store, doesn't it? Here's a round-up of some wacky news stories of 2013, so far. 

Woman survives harpoon to the face
A 28-year-old Elisangela Borborema Rosa from Brazil almost died after a harpoon was accidentally fired from across the room and hit her in the mouth. How close to death was she? Brazilian woman 1 centimeter away from death.

Who shot the harpoon? Husband accidentally shot woman with harpoon
How’s she doing now? Brazilian woman harpoon accident full recovery
This isn't the only harpoon-related injury this year: Harpoon accidents April 2013

A Brazilian man reportedly survived a harpoon through the brain, following a freak accident in which he accidentally shot himself through the left eye while cleaning his harpoon gun.

Sky News reported that Bruno Coutinho of Petropolis, Brazil had a harpoon lodged six-inches through his skull and survived surgery to remove the impaled object.

Public restroom entertainment: Urinal video games to increase prostate awareness
Pennsylvania’s Coca-Cola Park, home to this minor league baseball team Lehigh Valley IronPigs, installed urinal video games in their men’s restrooms. The game is controlled by the urine itself and is meant to increase awareness about this men’s health topic Prostate health awareness. What does the game entail? Urinal video games have you steer along a snowmobile course while trying to hit cartoon penguins.

Where else have the games been implemented? Urinal video games placed in bars in the United Kingdom

'Tommy Boy' scene comes true: Dead deer comes back to life
Officer David Miller was making a routine parking lot sweep in Michigan when he came across a scene straight out of the 1995 film "Tommy Boy." A local man told the officer he had accidently hit a deer, killing it, and put the remains in his trunk. To both their surprise, when Miller opened the trunk, the deer jumped up and ran off. What was the man planning to do with the animal? Man intended on utilizing the meat from the dead deer to feed his family.

One husband's way out: Man tries to shoot off wedding ring
Prison guard Alfredo Malespini decided to, literally, take matters into his own hands during an argument with his wife. The Pennsylvania-native shot his own finger in an attempt to remove his wedding ring. Did his strategy work? Alfredo Malespini failed to remove ring.

Reason for the argument: Alfredo Malespini and wife arguing about affair he had
What was he charged with? Alfredo Malespini charged with disorderly conduct, firing a weapon within city limits and reckless endangerment
Which prison does he work for? Federal Correctional Institution, McKean

Tattoo lands man a freebie: Man Netflix tattoo
Well, here’s one way to show your love for something. Myron Robinson (what does he do? Myron Robinson is a fashion design student) is such a fan of video and streaming company Netflix that he got a tattoo of their name. How did the company respond? Netflix gave man free year of service for tattoo.

Where’s the tat? Netflix tattoo on side of stomach
Another bizarre tattoo story: Eric Hartsburg Tattoos Mitt Romney Logo Onto Forehead.

Cops told to play nice: Rude policemen taken off streets of Vietnam
Police in Vietnam’s capital city are trying to improve their poor reputation. Traffic cops, in particular, are known for their bad behavior. The consequence? All police (and others? Obese policemen taken off streets of Vietnam) judged to be too rude will now be reassigned to office jobs instead. What other step has been taken to improve the police force’s image? Female traffic police in Vietnam to improve image.

How many people live in this bustling Vietnam capital city? 6.5 million people in Hanoi

Barbie's biggest fan: Man with 2,000 Barbies
41-year old Stanley Colorite made the news in March for his enormous collection of Barbie and Ken dolls. The self-proclaimed "Barbie Man" has 2,000 Barbies and this many Kens Stanley Colorite has 1000 Ken dolls with his partner Dennis Schlicker. How much is the collection worth? Barbie collection worth $80,000

When did he start collecting Barbies? Stanley Colorite started collection in 1997

World's dumbest thief? Waitress handed her own ID
Waitress Brianna Priddy (Applebee’s) got the shock of her life earlier this year when she was handed her own ID by a customer. Priddy’s wallet, with her driver’s license inside it, had been stolen only days earlier. How did she respond to the customer? Brianna Priddy handed back ID then called police.

What else had the customer been doing? Woman with waitress own ID had written bad checks as well
What was the thief charged with? Woman who used waitress ID was charged for theft, identity theft and criminal impersonation.

Stroller sells for thousands: Stroller sells for $3,000
Giving new meaning to the term "high-end" is the new Aston Martin stroller, retailing at a pricey $3,000. That’s right, the luxury car company has partnered with this British company to market a stroller fit for a baby Bond. Which posh department store will carry the pram? Harrods has exclusive rights to sell Aston Martin stroller.

How many are being made? 800 Aston Martin strollers being made
How much does a new: Aston Martin car cost? Aston Martin can cost more than $200,000
The "vanishing" Aston Martin: Aston Martin vanquish James Bond "die another day"

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