Famous Fathers: Baby Names Inspired By Famous Fathers

Famous Fathers: Baby Names Inspired By Famous Fathers, Sometimes the names of the fathers who sired future super achievers turn out to be a lot more interesting than those they bestowed on their progeny. For example, Truman Capote’s dad’s name was Archulus, Humphrey Bogart’s was Belmont, Bela Lugosi’s Istvan and Marc Chagall’s Khatskel. Intriguing appellations, yes, but we’ll go here with the more wearable ones.

Famous Fathers:

Swizz Beatz + Monster Cable Products, Swizz Beatz + Damien Hirst,

Matthew Broderick + CBS comedy pilot,

Gisele Bundchen + $20 million Brentwood mansion,

Brady + Bundchen + Forbes Power Couple list, Tom Brady + John Moynahan,

Orlando Bloom + Zulu,

Carmelo Anthony + shoulder injury,

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