Shaq, 2-year-old have shooting contest on 'Jimmy Kimmel'

Basketball aficionados, today we live in a world where Shaq can be beaten by a 2-year-old in a shooting contest. Though Shaquille O'Neal isn't known for being the best free-throw shooter, he walked away soundly trounced after appearing on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" with YouTube sensation Titus Ashby.

In the "Clash of the Titus" video, Kimmel set up the shooting competition so that the basketball hoops were relative to the height of the person throwing the ball. That means Titus had an advantage, but it's still amazing that the basketball prodigy managed to sink eight baskets, while Shaq didn't manage a single one.

As a prize, Shaq gifted Titus with his shoe. Titus might never remember that this epic showdown ever took place, but at least he now has something of Shaq's he can treasure forever.


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