Warlow True Blood: The villain's identity is revealed

Warlow True Blood, Warlow, a 'True Blood' villain, had been a mysterious figure for the most recent seasons of the HBO show. However, viewers met Warlow on 'True Blood' during the show's newest episode.

Who is Warlow on “True Blood”? The identity of a villain on the HBO show was revealed on the newest episode, which aired July 8.

(Spoilers for the episode follow, so beware if you haven’t seen it yet.)

It turns out Warlow, a vampire who killed heroine Sookie Stackhouse’s parents, is actually a man the audience has already met. He’d originally told Sookie his name is Ben Flynn and that he is both faerie and human, but he's apparently a faerie and a vampire, perhaps the first creature to be both.

Viewers had been hearing a lot about the character, but it wasn’t until the most recent episode that it became clear the villain was someone the audience already knew.

Actor Rob Kazinsky, who plays Ben/Warlow, told Access Hollywood it was nice to finally be able to discuss his character’s true identity.

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