'Family Guy' satirizes 9/11

"Family Guy" controversy 9/11, 'Family Guy' stirs up controversy with 9/11 plot. "Family Guy" has been in trouble a number of times before with what they have decided to do, and Sunday night is likely going to be no exception.
What happened? Specifically, Brian and Stewie went back in time to try and fix some things back from the time of the pilot episode, and one of their random ideas was to go back to September 11 in order to see if they can stop the terrorist attacks from happening. They do, but in the process they set off a chain of events that lead to other major disasters and eventually a bizarre sort of civil war. Ultimately, the duo has to go back in time yet again -- though this time to try and ensure that September 11 happens and the world is restored to order.'Family Guy' satirizes 9/11, "Family Guy" 9/11 let it happen, family guy 9/11,

So what's the reaction been to this episode so far? It's been split -- some are simply saying that the story is funny and obviously meant to be so, while others have felt that it did go too far when it comes to pushing the envelope.


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