Penn State Blue Out

Penn State Blue Out, Penn State Scandal 11/9 Updates: Spanier Out; “Blue Out” Planned; WBC Plans Protest. It's a story which isn't going anywhere anytime soon. The Jerry Sandusky case, one which involves alleged sexual assaults of at least nine minors and possibly dozens more, seems to get only uglier and uglier as the days go on. Head coach Joe Paterno announcing his retirement which will come at the end of this upcoming season will likely be the day's biggest news regarding this particular story, but it's hardly the only headline concerning Penn State or the Sandusky case which deserves a bit of attention Wednesday evening.

Penn State scandal 11/9 updates: Spanier out

Numerous sources, including the NY Daily News and Patriot-News of Harrisburg, are reporting that Penn State president Graham Spanier was given a "resign or be voted out" ultimatum early Wednesday afternoon, and that Spanier is expected to tender his resignation following a board of trustees meeting which had not yet concluded as of the posting of this piece. Yes Network's Kim Jones, speaking on the Mike Francesa radio program, stated late Wednesday afternoon that Spanier was possibly looking to fire Paterno before the coach announced Wednesday morning that he planned to retire. Rivals.com is currently speculating that executive vice president and provost Rodney A. Erickson will serve as interim president while the university searches for a permanent replacement.

While speaking on the Francesa program earlier in the afternoon, Jones stated that both Joe Paterno and assistant coach Mike McQueary are expected to be on the PSU sideline this weekend when the team hosts Nebraska (unless Paterno is physically unable to be on the sideline, in which case he will take his familiar spot in the booth). McQueary was outed earlier in the week as the graduate assistant who, according to the grand jury report, witnessed Jerry Sandusky sexually assaulting a minor back in 2002.

Penn State scandal 11/9 updates: Penn State students respond

It's been an extremely difficult, disturbing and even embarrassing few days for the Penn State family. Fans are taking a first step in the healing process by having a "Blue Out" this weekend when the Penn State football team takes on Nebraska. The color blue coincides with the Blue Ribbon Campaign to Prevent Child Abuse.

The official Facebook event page for the Blue Out states that McLanahan's in State College will be selling "Stop Child Abuse, Blue Out Nebraska" shirts, and that 100% of proceeds made (after cost) will go to Prevent Child Abuse PA. Shirts can also be purchased via McLanahan's website.

I understand how some may see this action as "tacky" at best, especially if Joe Paterno is indeed in attendance. My response to such comments would be to understand how Penn State students, alumni and fans are feeling right now. No good comes from the Sandusky case other than justice for the former coordinator's numerous victims. I'm not denying that. Such a "Blue Out" certainly isn't harming anybody, and making donations to a worthy cause is, at the very least, an opportunity for some to alleviate what is an extreme sorrow that is seemingly unending.

Penn State scandal 11/9 updates: (Unwanted) guests

The Westboro Baptist Church has confirmed via the organization's official website that the WBC will picket Saturday afternoon's Nebraska at Penn State game. The post on the WBC website reads " Now, Penn State has the wrath of God raining down on them in righteous judgement! They have taken from the playbook of the Catholics. Let's diddle the little kiddies and hide it from top to bottom! Fitting that the head cover-up artist is called the Pope of Happy Valley. How sick is that! Not surprising, but sick! College in this country is nothing more than a giant party, with a few classes set to instruct in sin thrown in for good measure. What you have turned out of those classes are raping priests, raping coaches, raping marines, along with various other violent dangerous brutes that are poised to be tomorrows 'heroes' in this vile land. Wake up! You have angered your God beyond recovery. More and worse is coming! America is doomed!"

The protest is scheduled to take place between 10:00 am and 12:00 pm. No set place is listed as a protest site.

Over 100,000 fans are expected to be in attendance at Beaver Stadium Saturday afternoon, and you can be sure that all Penn State fans who encounter the WBC protesters will be far more emotional than normal. I take this time to remind all fans, especially those upset by whatever you see or hear outside of Beaver Stadium before, during or after the game, to remember Penn State's Alma Mater;

may no act of ours bring shame.


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