Tamara Tunie Scammed

Tamara Tunie Scammed, 'Law & Order SVU' Actress Scammed by Accountant for $1 Million. A bit of justice was served for Law & Order: SVU actress Tamara Tunie Thursday.

Tunie's longtime business manager, Joseph Cilibrasi plead guilty to grand larceny and other charges in court after getting caught stealing about $1.4 million from her, reports the Associated Press.

Authorities say Cilibrasi admitted to secretly opening a credit card in the actress' name and also wrote checks from her bank accounts without her knowledge.SVU actress scammed by accountant, law and order svu, tamara tunie, tamara tunie birthday, melinda warner, tamara tunie 1.4 million, michael stern kansas city symphony,

He also fessed up to bilking about $75,000 from the Kansas City Symphony's music director Michael Stern.

Cilibrasi could serve anywhere from two and a half to seven and a half years in prison. He will be sentenced Jan. 4.


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