UFC Cain Velasquez vs. dos santos

UFC Cain Velasquez vs. dos santos, UFC on Fox: Cain Velasquez vs. Junior dos Santos live results. UFC runs its first event on Fox Saturday night, an important milestone for the young sport as it begins a lucrative, longterm television deal with Fox. The one fight television card will feature a UFC heavyweight title showdown between champion Cain Velasquez and challenger Junior Dos Santos. Velasquez and Dos Santos are the consensus number one and number two heavyweights in the world. Preliminary bouts begin around 2PM Pacific.

Aaron Rosa vs. Matt Lucas

Aaron Rosa is coming off a loss in an exciting UFC debut against Joey Beltran. He has moved down from heavyweight to light heavyweight and is in much better shape. Matt Lucas is a 37-year-old fighter in his first UFC contest.

Round 1. The fighters clinch at the start of the first round. Lucas lands a few punches and they separate. They exchange punches from close range, with both men landing solidly. Lucas pushes Rosa against the cage but then backs off. Lucas re-engages the clinch and lands a nice hook before backing off. Again they exchange and again Lucas pushes Rosa against the cage. This time, Lucas ducks lower and pushes more for a takedown. Rosa defends well. He then throws a series of knees to the body. They break, and Rosa opens up with kicks and punches as the round concludes. 10-9 Rosa.

Round 2. Lucas lands a hook and takes Rosa down. Rosa, however, immediately gets back up. Rosa grabs a Thai plum and throws a few knees before they separate again. Lucas once more goes back to the clinch. This has been a slow moving fight due mostly to Lucas' style. He continues to press Rosa against the cage. Rosa looks for a standing kimura but Lucas backs out of trouble. Lucas is deducted a point by referee John McCarthy, apparently for intentionally spitting out his mouthpiece. After the break, Lucas takes Rosa down. He lands a few punches from the top before Rosa stands up at the end. 10-9 Lucas, 9-9 with the deduction.

Round 3. They throw wild hooks to start the round, each looking for a knockout blow. The pace slows back down and Lucas moves to take Rosa back down. They separate again and Rosa catches Lucas with a pair of heavy straight punches and a knee to the body. Lucas grabs a leg and tries to take Rosa down again. Rosa defends and throws elbows to the body. Rosa lands a knee to the body that backs Lucas up and follows with another punch and leg kick. Lucas clinches and Rosa throws some additional knees to the body. Rosa continues to punish Lucas with punches to the body and head plus knees to the body. Lucas is very tired. Rosa has taken over the final round. He blocks one final takedown and the round ends. 10-9 Rosa, 29-27 Rosa.

Winner: Aaron Rosa, majority decision (30-26, 28-28, 30-26).

Mike Pierce vs. Paul Bradley

Pierce and Bradley are both fighters that rely heavily on their wrestling. Pierce has a prior win over Bradley and holds a 4-2 UFC record. Bradley lost in his only UFC bout.

Round 1. Pierce presses forward and looks for a takedown. Bradley defends and connects with a solid hook right on the chin. Bradley follows with a pair of leg kicks. Pierce shoots for a takedown and eats a knee to the body. Pierce staggers Bradley with a right to the jaw but Bradley recovers well. Pierce lands a hard leg kick and shrugs off a Bradley takedown attempt. Bradley changes levels nicely and takes Pierce down for a moment but Pierce immediately stands back up. Pierce pushes in with a couple punches and the round concludes. Very close, competitive round. 10-9 Bradley.

Round 2. Pierce lands a solid left/right combination and clinches. They trade knees from the clinch. Pierce lands punch to the body and head as they break. They then return to the clinch and exchange knees. Pierce lands a pair of big hooks and backs Bradley against the cage. Pierce begins to take over the boxing, connecting with punches and avoiding Bradley's attempts. Bradley seemed to surprise Pierce with his striking early but he has struggled since. 10-9 Pierce.

Round 3. The fighters clinch early and then separate. Pierce begins to establish his jab but Bradley moves back to the clinch. Referee Larry Landless separates them but they throw a few punches and return to the clinch. The pace of the fight has slowed significantly in the second and third rounds. Piece lands a low kick and a straight right punch. Bradley takes Pierce down but Pierce instantaneously starts to get back up and throws a series of punches and elbows in the process. Pierce returns to his feet with a minute left in the fight. Bradley lands a nice left hook and Pierce lands one of his own at the close. 10-9 Pierce, 29-28 Pierce.

Winner: Mike Pierce, split decision (30-27, 28-29, 29-28).

Alex Caceres vs. Cole Escovedo

The colorful Caceres made a name for himself as "Bruce Leroy" on the Ultimate Fighter. He is 0-2 in the UFC and 1-4 in his last 5 MMA bouts and hasn't proved to be a UFC caliber fighter. Cole Escovedo is an experienced veteran of the sport and was once considered one of the premier lighter weight fighters in the world. He is also 0-2 in the UFC.

Round 1. Caceres starts off with a push kick and a superman punch. Escovedo connects with a straight right punch. Caceres backs down Escovedo with punches but Escovedo sends him back with a counter. Caceres throws a nice spinning back fist that connects well. He follows with a few punches up against the cage and a flying knee. They clinch and tumble to the ground, where Caceres lands some punches from the top. Caceres fakes a low kick to the right side of Escovedo and then lands a cool leaping left head kick. Caceres lands a few straight punches and Escovedo counters with a leg kick. Escovedo drops Caceres with a right head kick and moves forward aggressively but Caceres fires back and dances out of the way to signal he is fine. Heck of a first round performance from Bruce Leroy, both entertaining and effective. 10-9 Caceres.

Round 2. Caceres pushes the pace with a series of punches and then backs off as Escovedo looks to respond. Caceres mixes in punches to the head and body, moving out of range before Escovedo can counter. Caceres is throwing so much more but he doesn't have a ton of power. Caceres throws a spinning back kick and leaping thrust kick. Escovedo goes for a takedown but Caceres comes out on top and stands back up. Escovedo looks to pull guard but Caceres backs away. Escovedo lands a big hook that sends Caceres back. Caceres throws a spinning backfist that is blocked. They clinch and trade a couple knees before separating. 10-9 Caceres.

Round 3. Caceres opens with a solid side kick to the body. Escovedo takes Caceres down but Caceres looks for a guillotine choke and then a triangle choke. Escovedo avoids both but Caceres moves right into an armbar and has it pretty solidly. Caceres tries to crank the arm but can't get it. Caceres then switches into an omoplata. Escovedo gets out of that too. Caceres stands up, having done better on the ground. Caceres throws a few straight punches and mixes in leg kicks. Caceres throws a high kick that makes a loud sound on the shoulder of Escovedo and Escovedo gestures to indicate it wasn't on the head. Escovedo gets a takedown with a minute left and then looks for a rear naked choke. He tries for an armbar but Caceres is out of that too. 10-9 Caceres, 30-27 Caceres.

Winner: Alex Caceres, unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

Mackens Semerzier vs. Robert Peralta

Semerzier is a ground oriented fighter with a 1-0 UFC record. Peralta is 1-0 in the UFC as well, having scored a decision win in November.

Round 1. Semerzier pushes Peralta against the cage and looks for a takedown. They work against the cage for a couple minutes with neither fighter able to get the fight to the ground. Semerzier drops Peralta with a straight right punch and immediately looks to take Peralta down. Semerzier gets the takedown eventually and drops down some heavy punches. Semerzier works to pass guard but isn't able to do it, so he postures up to throw down some heavy punches and elbows. 10-9 Semerzier.

Round 2. They exchange punches, with Peralta throwing much straighter punches and Semerzier using more looping punches. Peralta drops Semerzier with a straight punch and has Semerzier rocked. Semerzier immediately scrambles for a takedown and settles for pushing Peralta against the cage. They break and Peralta goes back to a more traditional boxing approach while Semerzier throws more unorthodox strikes from different angles. Semerzier connects with a good overhand right. They clinch and end up against the cage. Semerzier throws a few kicks high and low to conclude the round. Close round. 10-9 Peralta.

Round 3. The fighters exchange kicks early in the round. In particular, Semerzier is aggressive with leg kicks. Peralta drops Semerzier with an accidental headbutt and he swarms on Semerzier with additional punches until the fight is stopped. The headbutt was the key blow and this decision may be changed to a no contest.

Winner: Robert Peralta, TKO, round 3.

Kid Yamamoto vs. Darren Uyenoyama

Yamamoto is the biggest star of Japanese MMA in the post-Pride era, but has struggled since suffering an injury trying to make the Japanese Olympic wrestling team. He lost his UFC debut against Demetrious Johnson. Uyenoyama is a jiu jitsu specialist in his first UFC fight.

Round 1. Uyenoyama moves forward looking for a takedown. Yamamoto tries to keep out of range for a takedown and lands a few nice punches in the process. Yamamoto uses a beautiful judo throw to take Uyenoyama to the mat. Yamamoto stands back up. Uyenoyama gets Yamamoto down and lands some punches but Yamamoto pushes up and tries to get on top. In the process, Uyenoyama takes his back and looks to sink in a rear naked choke. He grabs the neck and has it pretty tight at the close of the round. It appears Yamamoto taps but it is a little ambiguous and time runs out on the round. The crowd boos, feeling the fight should have been stopped. 10-8 Uyenoyama.

Round 2. As Uyenoyama is moving in, Yamamoto drops him with a straight left punch. Uyenoyama grabs a leg and looks for a takedown. Uyenoyama is bleeding badly from the punch. Uyenoyama secures the takedown. Uyenoyama works his way into taking Yamamoto's back again. Uyenoyama utilizes a body triangle but Yamamoto is able to defend pretty well. Uyenoyama eventually loses interest in the rear naked choke and instead throws punches for the final 90 seconds or so of the contest. 10-8 Uyenoyama.

Round 3. Yamamoto takes Uyenoyama down a minute into the round. Uyenoyama uses rubber guard to tie up Yamamoto. Yamamoto eventually stands up and eats an upkick in the process. Yamamoto lands a few punches and they clinch against the cage. Yamamoto lands a nice straight punch but it is too little, too late. It has been a sad UFC career for Kid. 10-9 Yamamoto, 29-26 Uyenoyama.

Winner: Darren Uyenoyama, unanimous decision (30-27, 30-26, 30-27).

DaMarques Johnson vs. Clay Harvison

Johnson was the runner up on the ninth season of the Ultimate Fighter and sports 3-3 UFC record. Harvison is a Georgia native with a 1-1 UFC record.

Round 1. Johnson lands a vicious left hook that floors Harvison. Johnson raises his hands in celebration but the referee does not stop the fight. Johnson throws down a big right and the referee stops the contest.

Winner: DaMarques Johnson, TKO, round 1.

Cub Swanson vs. Ricardo Lamas

Swanson is a longtime featherweight contender with wins over Hiroyuki Takaya and Mackens Semerzier. Lamas is 1-0 in the UFC has a solid wrestling game.

Round 1. They come out throwing a lot of kicks. Two minutes into the round, Lamas secures the takedown. Swanson looks for a guillotine choke and appears to have it very tight. Lamas slams him once and can't get out. Lamas proceeds to stand up and is able to get out of the hold. Swanson then opens up with heavy punches and gets Lamas down. Lamas stands back up as the round comes to an end. 10-9 Swanson.

Round 2. Swanson lands a couple nice punches but slips on a kick and Lamas takes advantage to land a heavy punch and kick. A frustrated Swanson charges forward and Lamas uses the opportunity to take Swanson down. Swanson tries to work his way back up but Lamas lands a few knees and takes him back down. Lamas sinks in an arm triangle choke and secures the submission.

Winner: Ricardo Lamas, submission, round 2.

Dustin Poirier vs. Pablo Garza

Poirier is a rising contender in the 145 pound division who scored a major upset in his UFC debut against Josh Grispi earlier in the year. Garza is 2-0 in the UFC and is coming off an impressive flying triangle submission against Yves Jabouin.

Round 1. Poirier throws a series of hooks against the cage but Garza backs out of the way. Garza throws a body kick that is caught and Poirier pushes him down. Moments later, Poirier catches another kick and pushes Garza back down. They scramble and Garza looks for a heel hook but Poirier is able to avoid it. Poirier takes Garza down and looks to work some elbows from the top. Poirier aggressively goes to work with punches and is effective offensively from the top. 10-9 Poirier.

Round 2. Garza goes for a spinning back elbow and knee early but neither lands. Michael Bisping arrives in the arena and is serenaded with massive boos from the crowd. Poirier takes Garza down and secures a D'Arce choke for the submission.

Winner: Dustin Poirier, round 2, submission.

Ben Henderson vs. Clay Guida

Henderson is a former WEC lightweight champion with excellent submissions and an evolving striking game as well. Guida is a wrestler with four straight UFC victories. The winner of this bout is likely in line for a shot at UFC lightweight champion Frank Edgar.

Round 1. Guida lands a nice leg kick early. He charges forward and gets dropped with a Henderson punch. Henderson throws a series of punches looking to finish. Guida fires back but Henderson connects with another big punch and Guida goes down again. Guida looks for a takedown. Henderson blocks it. Guida keeps trying but doesn't come close. Henderson reverses Guida against the cage and looks for a takedown of his own. He can't get it and they separate. Henderson throws a wild head kick that misses. Henderson catches Guida with a punch and comes in for more but gets caught with a counterpunch that drops him. Guida looks to secure a standing guillotine choke but Henderson avoids it. Henderson lands a nice knee and throws a few kicks as the round concludes. 10-9 Henderson.

Round 2. Henderson moves in with a heavy knee to the body. He drops Guida with another punch but Guida follows through with a takedown. Henderson gets up, lands a knee, and takes Guida down. Guida gets back up and eats a knee in the process. Henderson looks to take him back down, but can't. Guida then pushes through and scores a takedown of his own. Henderson immediately stands back up and pushes Guida against the cage. Guida looks for a spinning backfist but eats a straight punch from Henderson in the process. Henderson lands a knee against the cage. Guida looks for a guillotine choke and drops down but Henderson gets out and takes Guida's back. Henderson locks in a body triangle and tries to lock in a rear naked choke. Guida defends for the remainder of the round. 10-9 Henderson.

Round 3. Henderson opens with a head kick. They exchange punches. Henderson throws an ax kick that lands. They clinch and Henderson pushes Guida against the fence. Guida charges all the way across the cage looking to take Henderson down, but Henderson blocks him the whole way and then reverses Guida as soon as they hit the other side of the cage. Henderson delivers a knee. Guida looks for a head kick. Henderson ducks under and takes Guida down. Henderson lands in side control and immediately goes knee on belly. Henderson looks to lock in a crucifix but can't get it. Guida tries to stand up but Henderson takes his back in the process. Guida gets back up and in a scramble Guida gets the takedown. Guida tries to lock in a guillotine choke but Henderson gives the thumbs up to signal he is fine. Henderson escapes and fires a series of punches and elbows at the close of the round. The crowd is going nuts. That was a heck of a fight and the crowd loved it. 10-9 Henderson, 30-27 Henderson.

Winner: Ben Henderson, unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27).

It appears they have a team in the Octagon cleaning blood off the canvas. They've have been working for a good ten minutes on it. If that's what they are doing, that's something UFC has never done before.

UFC Heavyweight Title: Cain Velasquez vs. Junior Dos Santos

Velasquez is an undefeated Mexican-American fighter with great wrestling, solid striking and elite cardio. He hasn't fought in over a year following a shoulder injury. Dos Santos is undefeated in the UFC, a boxing specialist with good takedown defense and great power. Velasquez is a big crowd favorite fighting in Southern California. The crowd is really hot for the main event.

Round 1. Velasquez lands a couple leg kicks. He catches a front kick and tries for a takedown but can't get it. Dos Santos drops Velasquez with a heavy right hook. He continues with punches on the ground, Velasquez turns his back, and the fight is stopped 64 seconds in.

Winner: Junior Dos Santos, TKO, round 1.

Junior Dos Santos is emotional describing how happy he is to have won. He says he was scared about the fight going in. The crowd gives Dos Santos a big positive reaction despite being in Velasquez territory. Velasquez vows to get back his title.


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