Skier Trapped Upside Down 30 Minutes

Skier Trapped Upside Down, A woman who was trapped upside down in the deep snow banks of Lake Tahoe is speaking out about her daring rescue for the first time.

Kristin Jacobson, an experienced skier, was on the slopes with her husband when she fell into several feet of snow.

It was a deadly weekend on the slopes – two other men died in separate incidents at the California ski resort.

Ms Jacobson said she and her husband decided to go off the trail for a more challenging run. Her husband, Eric, spotted a suspicious-looking patch of snow.

While he was telling his wife to avoid the spot, she vanished.

She told exclusively told ktvu.com about the ordeal, saying: ‘(It was) like I caught an edge or I was out of control. I was just sinking, I guess, submerged.’

A nearby skier who was wearing a helmet-mounted camera captured the entirety of the rescue.

Only the tips of Ms Jacobson’s skis can be seen peeking out of the snow bank.

Since they were only ten to fifteen feet off of the trail, skiers and snowboarders were able to hear cries for help, and rescue crews quickly arrived.

Mr Jacobson said it was a tense 30 minutes. ‘It was very desperate,’ he said, noting how helpless he felt not being able to dig her out.

Ms Jacobson couldn’t hear anything while submerged – it was totally silent. Because the snow was so deep, the biggest threat was running out of oxygen.

Rescuers carefully dug her out and were able to revive her.

Miraculously, she only suffered a bruised lung and temporary nerve damage. However, she and her husband are still haunted by the what-if’s.

‘You can’t shut off the replay in your head,’ Ms Jacobson told the station.

Despite the life-threatening situation, the couple said they still love skiing and will return to the mountain. skier upside down 30 minutes,

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