Citigroup 200th Anniversary


Citigroup 200th Anniversary - Citi will highlight its ongoing commitment to helping communities by marking its 200th anniversary on Saturday, June 16, with its seventh annual Global Community Day.

According to Citigroup Inc., in 92 countries around the world, more than 100,000 Citi volunteers – the largest number of participants ever – will gather in the days leading up to and including Global Community Day to participate in 1,300 service projects that will benefit local communities.

Global Community Day serves as an annual opportunity for Citi employees, alumni, family and friends around the world to gather as one to demonstrate a shared commitment to its communities – a commitment that is carried out year-round by many employees who regularly volunteer their time. This shared commitment has been embodied in Citi employees since the company's founding as the City Bank of New York on June 16, 1812. It's that spirit of Common Purpose that Citi proudly celebrates on its 200th anniversary.

"For two centuries, Citi colleagues have worked to enable economic progress and support our clients on their journey from ambition to achievement," said Citi CEO Vikram Pandit. "There is no better way to celebrate our 200th anniversary than by honoring our history, embracing the future and working together to strengthen the communities where we live and work."

Citi volunteers throughout Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and North America will lend their time, skills and expertise to concentrate on local community needs, including financial inclusion, college and career mentoring, neighborhood revitalization, housing, disaster relief and environmental protection. Throughout the world, anyone interested in staying up-to-date on the latest Global Community Day news and events can follow 200YearsCiti on Twitter. Highlights of Citi's volunteer projects around the world include:

Asia Pacific -- Maintaining its place at the top of the annual volunteer leaderboard, Asia Pacific will again have the largest turnout of volunteers across Citi's regions. In Hong Kong, 4,000 volunteers will partner with 13 NGOs to host a wide range of community service and fundraising activities for the elderly, underprivileged children and families, and other underserved groups. Approximately 2,000 volunteers in China will participate in a walkathon to raise funds to improve the nutrition of nearly 3,000 children from some of China's most impoverished communities. Under the theme of 'Green Citi, Clean City,' South Korea's 50 activities will involve 4,000 volunteers in environmental protection efforts in botanical gardens and eco parks. In Thailand, 2,000 volunteers will support those affected by the floods in 2011 by fundraising to help five damaged schools and 200 underprivileged students.

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