Howard Stern And Offensive America's Got Talent Act

Howard Stern

Howard Stern And Offensive America's Got Talent Act - We would guess that Howard Stern is really enjoying his new gig at America's Got Talent.

On tonight's episode, he got to experience a variety of noteworthy and not-so-memorable acts, but one in particular caught his attention—and not necessarily in a good way.

What in the world could Stern possibly find "highly offensive"?

"Air sex," that's what.

A man who claimed to be an expert at air sex proceeded to show the judges and audience how to act out this intriguing talent, which, when it came down to it, was basically acting out an intense makeout session with an imaginary person (the magic begins at 1:35 in the clip).

As you can probably guess, Air Sex man didn't move on to the next round.

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