Kristen Stewart Reading Ghandi

Kristen Stewart Reading Ghandi, "Kristen is trying to find some inner peace within herself. And she is reading a lot. She has always been interested in philosophy and spirituality and she has been reading a lot of different books".

50 Shades of Grey, perhaps? Why not, everyone else is!

The source continued that Kristen is reading a lot of Ghandi after watching Eat, Pray, Love.

Amazingly random, we love it.

"Strangely enough, the one author that has really been resonating with her is Gandhi, who she decided to find out more about after watching 'Eat, Pray Love'."

"The remorse she has isn't completely gone, but Gandhi's words have certainly helped her find peace with the whole situation. Kristen isn't beating herself up over it, she's accepted that everyone makes mistakes and she has to learn from it."

Well, she better perk up soon as she's scheduled to appear at next month's Toronto film festival.

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