Mobile Paternity Truck

Mobile Paternity Truck - You can get just about anything from a truck these days. If you had too much to drink last night, you can visit the Hangover Heaven truck to get back on your feet quick. You can get high fashion out of the back of a mobile urban boutique. And if you're not sure about the paternity of your child, there's a truck for that too.

The truck is called "Who's Your Daddy?," and it's a mobile DNA testing site. The painless swab test costs $350, and you can get results back in a couple of days. According to business owner Jared Rosenthal, the most common type of customer is a father with their child in tow.

Who's Your Daddy? currently roams across all of New York's five boroughs looking for customers, so if you're in need of a mobile paternity test, you'll have to head to the Big Apple and hope you get lucky. Or, of course, you could just get a DNA test the old fashioned way: By being a guest on "Maury."


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