Patrick Schwarzenegger Pet Alligator

Patrick Schwarzenegger Pet Alligator - It is always a landmark moment when a child swaps the family home for the grown up world of academia.

But it seems Patrick Schwarzenegger will have someone special to share it with, after he revealed he has a new pet alligator.

And just to prove it the jolly 18-year-old posted a picture of the reptile on his Twitter page.

The picture with the animal, which certainly looked real enough in the hilarious image, seemed to have been taken at someone's house, though it is illegal to keep them as pets in his native California.

Meanwhile the teenager today moved to his dorm room in the exclusive University of Southern California.

He was given a hand by his mother and sisters, and gave them a shout out on his twitter page for being so helpful.

But Maria Shriver admitted she is going to find it difficult to be without her boy, even though she happily posed with him in his new room at the private school in a photo they posted on the internet.

She said: 'It's very different moving boys into college compared to two girls. So much less stuff. No matching this and that.

'Patrick's first night away will be tomorrow night. Send me lots of virtual Kleenex! Happy for him but the mom in me is also sad.'

However if there is one crumb of comfort for her, it is she seems to have found a far cuter new friend \as she spent some quality time with her eldest daughter Katherine.

The 22-year-old posted an image of the pair with an adorable marsupial, saying: 'Yep we played with a baby kangaroo.'

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