Colbert On Eastwood

Colbert On Eastwood - The funnyman grilled Clint Eastwood’s chair in the most recent edition of The Colbert Report.

The chair first came to light at the recent GOP convention, when screen legend and Mitt Romney supporter Clint Eastwood took to the stage to ‘interview’ the inanimate piece of furniture, which supposedly contained an invisible ‘President Obama’.

On The Colbert Report the chair didn’t have nice things to offer about Eastwood.

“That’s a terrible thing to say,” Colbert said, responding to one of the chair’s zingers about the octogenarian action star. “How do you know? Maybe he had a prescription for those.”

It also appeared to be just as foul-mouthed on the Comedy Central program as it had been on the GOP’s big night, when it suggested that Romney perform a sex act on himself.

“You want me to do what?” Colbert said. “There’s no way I can fit my fist in there.”


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