Julian Castro's Daughter DNC

Julian Castro's Daughter DNC - If you're going to enter the political spotlight, it pays to do it with gusto. Three-year-old Carina Castro got that message loud and clear. Video of the little girl flipping her hair is going viral, holding its own against the most vital soundbites from the DNC.

The cameras panned to Carina as her dad spoke about the first day of pre-K. He said, "As we dropped her off, we walked out of the classroom, and I found myself whispering to her, as was once whispered to me, 'Que dios te bendiga.' 'May God bless you.'"

"She's still young, and her dreams are far off yet, but I hope she'll reach them," Castro continued. "As a dad, I'm going to do my part, and I know she'll do hers. But our responsibility as a nation is to come together and do our part, as one community, one United States of America, to ensure opportunity for all of our children."

And, thanks to little Carina on the big screens, the crowd cracked up.

"I was like, "What? You are not supposed to laugh at this part," Castro told the Associated Press.

The tot's hair flip may be an adorable gesture, especially when Buzzfeed sets it to a Willow Smith remix and makes an incredibly awesome animated gif. But, there are bound to be a few haters. "In my six and a half years of life, I haven’t touched my hair as many times as you did in six and a half seconds," says (fake) Suri Cruise.


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