Facebook Red Equal Sign

Facebook Red Equal Sign, Is your Facebook page suddenly flooded with pictures of a red equal-sign? Here's why.

The symbol was touted Tuesday by the Human Rights Campaign. On its Facebook page, HRC asks people to "wear red to show your support of marriage equality. And make your Facebook profile red too!"

The request came the same day the Supreme Court began hearing arguments for and against Proposition 8, a controversial law banning gay marriage in California.

Wednesday, the justices will hear similar arguments for and against the federal Defense of Marriage Act, which defines marriage as the union of a man and a woman.

The rulings could have implications for national marriage laws.

In an effort to support same-sex marriage, HRC launched red equal-sign Facebook campaign. Former "Star Trek" actor and popular Facebook presence George Takei, who is openly gay, also took up the cause.

Tuesday morning, he changed his Facebook icon to the red banner, saying, "This special 'red' equality symbol signifies that marriage equality is really all about love. … Please consider changing your profile today in support."

The post had almost 3.8 million likes Tuesday afternoon.


A counterprotest sprang up on Twitter and Facebook Tuesday under the hashtags #GodIsLove and #traditionalmarriage.

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of San Francisco was one of the Twitter users using the hashtags and a picture of a red cross to promote traditional marriage.

Some Facebook users also adopted the red cross as a counter to the red equal-sign sported by supporters of same-sex marriage.


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