Deer Shot At Wal-Mart

Deer Shot At Wal-Mart, A Pennsylvania man allegedly went deer hunting inside a Walmart parking lot.

Forty-year-old Arcangelo Bianco Jr. is charged with reckless endangerment for allegedly shooting across a highway to kill a 10-point buck he spotted in a Walmart parking lot in November. The incident occurred in Blairsville, Pa., which is 30 miles east of Pittsburgh.
Bianco faces a preliminary hearing May 1. His attorney didn't immediately return a call for comment Wednesday on charges reported by the Indiana Gazette.

The paper reports that on Nov. 26, at about 2 p.m., Bianco noticed the deer and jumped out of his truck and "began firing multiple rounds at the deer," citing court documents.

"The defendant pursued the deer through the parking lot and across Old William Penn Highway, where he killed the deer. The defendant then loaded the deer into his vehicle and took it to a meat processor for butchering," Jack Lucas, a wildlife conservation officer, told the paper.

Lucas says the buck is one of the nicest taken in the county in recent years.


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