3-Year-Old Killed by Garage Door

3-Year-Old Killed by Garage Door, A 3-year-old Waldorf, Md., girl was killed Friday when she was crushed by a closing garage door.

The Charles County Sheriff's office says the incident happened around 4 p.m. in the 2900 block of Eutah Forest Drive in Waldorf.

A spokesperson says it appeared the girl was playing with the garage door opener when it closed on her.

The door was equipped with sensors but investigators don't know why the sensors didn't detect the girl and stop the door from closing. Investigators are testing the door to determine what happened.

Other people were home at the time, the spokesperson says. They heard the door closing and went out to check on her, when they found her.

She was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Police initially said the girl was 5-years-old.

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