Google April Fool's jokes

Google April Fool's jokes, It wouldn't be April 1 without feeling a little foolish and it looks like Google users are prime targets.

The company has gone all out with an array of pranks beginning with Google Nose - the newest addition to the search engine's capabilities.

Google Nose apparently allows users to search the 'Aromabase' of more than 15million Scentibytes then catch a whiff of everything from wet dog to dumpsters.

There is also the announcement that YouTube is shutting down at midnight - to allow a panel of experts to pick the best video ever for when the site relaunches in 2023.

The hilarious clip includes comments from some of the site's biggest stars including the little boy who had a dazed conversation with his father following a dentist appointment and Judson Laipply from   'Evolution of Dance' clips.

In Google Maps, there is also now a treasure hunt mode after the site allegedly found scrolls at the bottom of the ocean belonging to Captain Kidd with directions to finding his stash of gold bars.

The team at Google Australia also came up with SCHMICK - Simple Complete House Makeover Internet Conversion Kit - offering homeowners the chance to spruce up their houses on Google Street View with different themes and features.

The search engine offers an example of a home spruced up with a fountain, green lawn and Australian flag flying proudly.

Google is not the only one breaking out a sense of humor for the start of the month.

Twitter announced that from April 1, Twitter would become Twttr as the micro-blogging site canceled the use of vowels. If you want the use of a,e,i,o, or u, then it will cost five dollars a month.

Scope has launched bacon-flavored mouthwash with the tagline 'for breath that sizzles', just in time for April 1.

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