Nicole Eggert hospitalized

Nicole Eggert hospitalized, Looks like there are more troubled waters at ABC's Splash. On Thursday, April 18 -- two days after Katherine Webb quit the show because of an injury -- Baywatch alum Nicole Eggert back-flopped into the pool and was rushed to the hospital, TMZ reports.

Sources tell the site that Eggert, 41, was attempting to complete a complicated high-dive involving multiple back-flips. However, something went wrong mid-air, and she ended up crashing hard into the pool, back-first. According to TMZ, on-site EMTs pulled her out of the water and took her to a nearby ER to be examined.

The actress doesn't seem to have been seriously injured in the fall, but doctors reportedly wanted to monitor her condition to ensure that there were no hidden internal injuries. She was released from the hospital after a few hours.

"The ER is always fun," she tweeted later.

Eggert is not the first celebrity to be hurt on the show. Webb left the competition earlier this week because of a back injury, Chuy Bravo bowed out after fracturing his heel during practice, and Rory Bushfield has been diving with a ruptured eardrum -- against doctor recommendations.

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