Chef killed over meal

Chef Miki Nozawa Killed Over Meal of Fried Noodles

A Japanese chef was killed following an alleged dispute with two disgruntled guests about a dish of fried noodles with vegetables and beef while he was on vacation, according to reports.

Miki Nozawa, 57, was killed while on vacation on the German island of Sylt. The chef died of a brain hemorrhage after the fight Sunday night, Sylt Chief Public Prosecutor RĂ¼diger Meienburg said.

Two suspects aged 36 and 50, reportedly skilled workers, had not yet been found by authorities as of Wednesday. Local media reports say the dispute was spurred over a dish of fried noodles with vegetables and beef.

The Sylt Rundschau newspaper said the two suspects asked for their money back saying they didn't like the way the food was prepared.

The news website Bild.de reported that the two then disappeared without paying.

Later that night Nozawa, who was regarded as a specialist in Japanese-Italian fusion food, met the two again in a local table-dance bar, where the dispute escalated.

The cook was taken to the hospital with severe brain injuries and internal bleeding, Nozawa's former wife told the Sylt Rundschau.

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