Lindsay Lohan 5 pounds

Lindsay Lohan is once again making headlines – shocking. Since the troubled star entered the Betty Ford Center recently, we learned that she would be on lockdown, and that her “need” for Adderall was being re-evaluated. Now, rumor has it that the Punk’d star’s Adderall supply has been cut off, and she has already gained 5 pounds because she can’t stop eating!

Upon entering the Betty Ford Center, Lindsay Lohan’s supposed “need” for Adderall, a prescription drug that she has stated she needs to control her ADHD, was being re-evaluated. Rumor now has it that the folks at the center have deemed her need for the drug unnecessary, and have stopped allowing Lohan to take any.

According to Radar Online, the lack of Adderall is leaving Lindsay Lohan very emotional, and she has turned to food for comfort. So much food that she has already gained 5 pounds in about a week’s time! One source told the gossip site: “Lindsay can’t stop eating, and has gained five pounds because she has such poor eating habits. She has been exercising, but she just doesn’t have a lot of energy because she is no longer taking Adderall.”

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