Surprising High School Dropouts

Surprising High School Dropouts, Mott Community College is in the final stages of qualifying for a federal grant that will allow them to continue efforts to help at-risk students in Genesee County.

The “Upward Bound” Grant pays for tutors and targets students from the Beecher, Flint and Westwood Heights school districts.

In Beecher, where the high school drop out rate is greater than 30 percent, “Upward Bound” makes college an attainable goal.

The grant is worth more than $600,000.

“You have kids that are interested in different kinds of things, but what we do is give them a lot of different opportunities to go to different schools,” said eductation director Glenn Martin.

Martin also says they should get final approval for the grant within the next few days. The grant will run through 2016.


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